Otago Youth Adventure Trust

Berwick Lodge is situated 45 kilometers south of Dunedin. It is located near the Sinclair Wetlands and is set amongst exotic forest with native bush nearby.


Berwick Lodge has accommodation for up to 67 people in bunkrooms in a main complex. Facilities include a gymnasium, kayaking, confidence course and various other activities on and off site.




Mattress provided, NO pillows.
You will need to bring bedding.


The closest medical centre is in Milton.
Please provide your own First Aid Kit.
  • Kitchen
    There is a spacious, modern kitchen with electric stoves, microwave, multiple toaster, and an instant hot water dispenser. All cooking equipment, utensils, crockery and cutlery are supplied. Sterilizer for cleaning dishes.

    An adjacent pantry provides a storage area for food and there is a large fridge and a large freezer for cold storage.

    Buckets, brooms and mops provided for cleaning which will need to be completed before your departure.

    You will need to bring:
    - all food requirement as the nearest store is in Outram.
    - detergent
    - tea towels
    - all cleaning materials, disinfectants, cloths and toilet paper
    - rubbish bags

    There is a skip on site:
    Charge for skip
    $55.00 Mon - Fri
    $40.00 Fri to Sun
  • Gymnasium
    The 10 x 18 metre gymnasium is available at all times.
  • Dining room
    A double server connects the kitchen and the dining room.

    In the dining room there are:
    - 7 long tables with easy clean surfaces
    - 14 long stools
    - a map of the local area
  • Common room
    A sliding door connects the common room and the dining room. The common room is a large carpeted room with the following facilities:

    - wood burner
    - heaters
    - chairs
    - couches
    - tables
    - piano
    - clothes drying racks
    - bookcase
  • Deck
    Outside the common room and the dining room there is a covered deck with seating and barbecue.
    A small charge may apply for the use of the Gas Barbecue.
  • Showers & Toilets
    There are modern female and male hand basins, showers and toilets. There is an ample supply of hot water.
  • Sauna
    There is an electric powered sauna available for use. There is seating for approximately 20 people in the sauna. Changing rooms, showers and a toilet are adjacent to it.

    Charge for Sauna:
    Weekday Use (5 Days Max), Total Charge $60.00
    Weekend Use, Total Charge $40.00
  • Laundry
    A modern washing machine is available for use. There is a drying room with multiple racks for drying clothes.

    You will need to bring your own washing powder.
  • Sick Bay
    1 bed is available for use in the sick bay.

    The closest Medical Centre is at Milton Doctors: Ph 03 417 8226
    Mosgiel Health Centre: Ph 03 489 5135

    After hours:
    Dunedin Hospital: Ph 03 474 0999
    You will need to bring your own First Aid Kit.


Some activities incur a cost.
Contact the warden in advance for these.
  • Abseiling
    An abseiling wall is located close to the camp.

    Requires own equipment and ropes.
    Certified instructors are required.
  • Confidence Course
    27 obstacles - allow for a 2-hour session.
    Adult supervision required.
    Not suitable for children under 7.
  • Field
    There is a large field onsite that can be used for outdoor activities.
  • Flying fox
    A flying fox is located close the the main accommodation.

    Adult supervision is required. Only one person at a time permitted to ride the flying fox.
  • Gymnasium activites
    Available in the gym at all times are:
    Basketball hoops
    Volleyball net
    A climbing wall

    Your own equipment and ropes
    A certified instructor is required for the climbing wall.
  • initiative course
    Seven different problem-solving items designed to test people’s ability to work as a team of 10 to 12.

    Allow 2 hours.
  • Kayaking
    10 kayaks with life jackets, paddles and trailer are provided. There is a canoe lake on site but other suitable locations are nearby.

    Sinclair Wetlands (10 min drive)
    The Waipori River (20 min drive)

    Charge for kayaks:
    $55.00 - Mon to Fri
    $20.00 - Fri to Mon
  • Orientation course
    2 courses are set up with maps provided. A 20 minutes course and a 1 hour course is available.
  • Tramping
    There are tracks starting at the camp ranging from one hour to one day.

    The Warden can provide an area map and information about tramps.